Garrett Stair Company
Stair Services
 While we specialize in curved and free-standing stair systems, we pride ourselves in our ability to build whatever is required. Because we typically build in our shop, transport the stair, and install in one or two days, then complete a rail system in one to two weeks, our on-site time makes it very cost effective to include a custom designed and built stair system in your home. Like a fine piece of handmade furniture, it will be a showcase that greets guests at the door, and leads the eye up to the custom elements such as crown moulding and vaulted or domed ceilings, that make your home unique. It connects the parts of a house that make it a home .

When we first bought our business, we built mostly straight stairs with the occasional curve. While it's true that many trim carpenters can build a functional straight stair, we think that what sets us apart is our ability to anticipate challenges and find
solutions, so that your stair is right the first time. It will always meet code!  Guaranteed!.....We are also able to renovate or completely rebuild existing stairs, straight or curved, usually within a two week time frame.
And while manufactured hardwood stair treads are perfectly acceptable and functional, they do not compare to the beauty of handmade treads and other handcrafted elements that make our work truly unique.

Handcrafted stair elements